Marc manages the process from A to Z, handles all of the client interactions, meets with you (in person or by Zoom, as the situation allows) and is always available to answer your questions throughout the the process.

Here are the broad steps of the selling process with Marc:

1. Decide to list your property.

2. Option 1: If you are working with an agent, he or she will assist you with fielding offers. You can reach out to me if you have any questions.

Option 2: If you are selling privately through Purple Bricks (or any of the other platforms), reach out to me to review any offers that you may receive. Usual turnaround time is 24 business hours at most.

3. If you accept an offer, the Buyers must now complete their conditions (if any). If you have ANY questions about the offer or any of the conditions, please contact me before accepting the offer.

4. Once the buyers have waived conditions and the Agreement is firm, please provide me with the final Agreement of Purchase and Sale and any amendments by email at (or have your agent provide them to me).

5. To open a file for you, please complete the form located here with all of the relevant information for your sale (the contents of the form are confidential and are only accessible by me):

6. Once I receive your submitted form, I will open a file for you, and you will receive access to a personalized client portal to help you plan your move.

7. At least three (3) weeks before your closing date, please finalize your moving details and start cancelling your utilities and insurance as of the closing date. Due to privacy legislation, we only advise the local municipality (and your condo corporation, if applicable) on closing of the sale.

9. One (1) week before closing, I will be in touch to set-up an appointment to sign the closing documents. During the pandemic, these meetings can be completed by Zoom or in person. *** If you wish to complete over Zoom, you will need to have access to device with video, access to a printer/scanner, and two pieces of photo identification (which I will review during our Zoom meeting).

10. We meet virtually by Zoom or in person to sign all closing documents and review the financial aspects of your transaction. ***If by Zoom, you scan back a copy of the signed documents, and provide the originals by messenger.

11. I close your transaction and funds are deposited into your bank account the next business day after closing by wire transfer. As part of the closing process, I pay out any mortgage or line of credit registered against the property, and advise the local municipality of the change of ownership and the condo corporation (as applicable).

12. Within a month of closing, you will receive a full reporting letter and copy of all closing documents by mail or email as you prefer.

If you have any questions about selling, the process or our fees, feel free to reach out to Marc at or 343-888-8913.