Struggling to Choose an Executor or Attorney for Property? Seeking a Neutral Third-Party to Avoid Family Disputes? Curious About the Responsibilities of an Executor? Let’s Navigate These Decisions Together and Find the Best Solution for You.



We offer Executor and Attorney Services Tailored to your situation. We provide a blend of professionalism and discretion.

Our promise? Fees that are easy on your wallet – 4.0% of your estate’s value at the time of passing. That’s a significant saving compared to what you’d shell out with trust companies or banks. 

Remember, we’re all about the right chemistry – therefore, if you are interested, we first determine if we are the right “fit” for you. 

Our services are customized, ensuring a perfect lawyer-client fit tailored to your unique situation.

We focus on these roles to offer you unmatched expertise. However, we don’t provide services as an Attorney for Personal Care, concentrating on what we do best for your benefit.