Are you considering Buying, Selling, Leasing or Financing Real Estate?

With my broad range of experience, I can assist with:

  • Preparation of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Buying, selling and financing residential and commercial properties
  • Buying, selling and financing condominium properties (residential and commercial)
  • Buying, selling and financing rural properties including vacant land, agricultural lands and farms
  • Zoning and Severance Applications (from a single lot to a subdivision)
  • Mortgage Enforcement (Power of Sale proceedings)
  • Private Mortgages and Vendor Take Back Mortgages
  • Litigation involving real estate (hidden defects, prescriptive easements and rights-of-way)
  • Joint Ventures
  • Cooperatives
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Property transfers relating to estates and court actions
  • Leasing (drafting, review and amendments)
  • Pre-transaction consultations if you are planning to buy or sell privately through a service such as Comfree or Grapevine.

Please contact Marc for any real estate question by phone at (343) 888-8913, by email at, or click here to book an appointment or a telephone call with him.

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