When you retain us to assist you with refinancing your property, one of our lawyers, Marc or Jade, will manage the transaction from A to Z, interact with you directly, answer your questions throughout the process, meet with you to sign documents, and handle all interactions with your lender.

Steps in the refinancing process

1. Decide on a new lender, either through a mortgage broker or with your bank. You must give our coordinates to your broker or bank so that mortgage instructions can be sent to us.

2. Once you have decided on a lender, contact us by PHONE or by EMAIL to retain us.

3. In order for us to open a file for you, complete the FORM all of the relevant information for your refinancing (the contents of the form are confidential and are only accessible by us.

4. We will let you know when we receive instructions from your lender. If we receive your lender’s instructions within less than five (5) business days before closing, a surcharge may be added to your legal fees for rushed services. 

5. Three to five days before closing, we will set up an appointment to sign the closing documents and review the financial aspects of your refinancing. It is often simpler to sign in person, but a virtual meeting may be possible, depending on your lender’s requirements.

6. We register your new mortgage and pay-out your existing mortgage and debts (as applicable).

7. Within a month of closing, you will receive a reporting letter summarizing your refinancing and copies of all closing documents by the method of your choice (email or regular mail).