How do I open a cannabis retail store? (Part 2)

In Part 1, we covered the first three steps to opening a cannabis retail store: 1) notice to the local government, fire authority, and police force; 2) obtaining a Retail Operator Licence; and 3) obtaining a Cannabis Retail Store Authorization. In Part 2, we will cover the last three steps: 4) obtaining a Cannabis Retail [...]

How do I open a cannabis retail store? (Part 1)

  Since recreational cannabis was legalized in 2018, the cannabis retail industry in Ontario has boomed. There are numerous laws, regulations, and rules floating around in a variety of resources, which can make understanding and undertaking the process of opening a cannabis retail store a challenge. This blog is intended to eliminate the extra research [...]

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Do you own a joint property with your spouse? Are you separated or in the midst of separation?

If so, do you still own property together as joint tenants? If you do not know, you likely do. Even if you change your Will, your joint property still goes to your spouse by right of survivorship (an automatic rule). People focus on the separation agreement or redoing their Will (which are both important) but [...]

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