The loss of a family member or friend is a very difficult time. Let me be your trust advisor to help you in the process.

I assist Executors, Trustees and Beneficiaries in:

  • Applying for a Certificate of Appointment (“probate”)
  • Estates when the Deceased did not have a Will (or did their own Will)
  • Searching for a Lost Will
  • Advertising to creditors
  • Distributing the estate (to family, friends or charities)
  • Passing of accounts
  • Removing an Executor or Trustee
  • Renouncing as an Executor

I also assist Attorneys and Guardians in:

  • Guardianship Applications
  • Passing of accounts or calculating compensation for an Attorney
  • Understanding their rights and obligations as an Attorney
  • Responding to family members who suspect mismanagement
  • Renouncing as attorney

Please contact Marc by email at, by telephone at (343) 888-8913 or click here to book an appointment or telephone call with Marc.

I will be happy to assist you in navigating these complex matters.