What can I do if my storage unit tenant stops paying rent?

Over the last few years, with the demand for more affordable housing and the rise in smaller living spaces, Ontario has seen an explosion in the number of self-storage unit rentals. In Ontario, storage unit rentals are governed by the Repair and Storage Liens Act (“RSLA”), not the Commercial Tenancies Act (“CTA”). As a result, […]

Thinking of buying a cannabis retail franchise? – Read this first!”

A number of Cannabis companies across Canada have organized franchise systems to capitalize on the recreational cannabis market. The idea of buying a cannabis retail franchise with an already established brand can be enticing, but before you buy, you should know the answers to these questions: How do I choose the right franchise? How does the law […]

How do I open a cannabis retail store? (Part 2)

In our last blog entitled, “How do I open a cannabis retail store in Ontario? (Part 1)”, we covered the first three steps to opening a cannabis retail store: notice to the local government, fire authority, and police force; obtaining a Retail Operator Licence; and obtaining a Cannabis Retail Store Authorization. This Part 2 will […]

How do I open a cannabis retail store? (Part 1)

Since recreational cannabis was legalized in 2018, the cannabis retail industry in Ontario has boomed. There are numerous laws, regulations, and rules floating around in a variety of resources, which can make understanding and undertaking the process of opening a cannabis retail store a challenge. This blog is intended to eliminate the extra research and […]

What should I include in my Shareholder Agreement?

Most shareholder agreements will address the following core issues with appropriately customized terms: (a) decision making; (b) restrictions on share transfers and ownership of shares; (c) financing; (d) pre-emptive rights; (e) rights of first refusal; (f) mandatory sales of shares; (g) conflict resolution; (h) non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure; and (i) shareholder exit strategies. Decision making […]