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We assist individuals and corporations in Real Estate, Business Law, Estate Planning and Estates in Ontario, more specifically Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Rockland & Hawkesbury. We are proud to serve you in both official languages.

Call 343-888-8913 or Email us at with any questions about our services or to find out whether we can help.

Our offices are located at Suite 200, 435 boul. St-Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, Ontario K1K 2Z8

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We put the client first. We are always available for questions, and also have flexible hours to suit our clients’ particular situation.

We are not a ‘closing shop’, and only take on a maximum of twenty transactions per month. It allows us to give your file the attention it deserves, and allows you to receive answers quickly.
We take on a limited number of files to serve you better and make use of technology to simplify the process. This also allows you to review documents and provide us with information and instructions on your own time.
We know each client by name and are happy to take your questions throughout the process of preparing your Will and Powers of Attorney. We make use of online forms to simplify the process for you and make our time more valuable when we do meet in person or on Zoom.

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We prepare all of your estate documents whether it is for a probate application, advice as an executor or beneficiary, or real estate transfers relating to someone’s passing.